Acne Problems and Personal Hygiene

Question: I need to learn the true causes of acne because I’ve been spending an incredible amount of money on products for acne that just do not seem to work. I follow the directions, use the product for a while, and then throw it in the garbage when I discover that my skin looks even worse than it did before.  Please explain the causes of acne and how to stop it.

The answer to your dilemma is based in understanding your skin and understanding what kind of products to use.  First, let’s learn more about the causes of acne.

Unfortunately,the true cause of acne is not known.  However, it is the most common of skin disorders.

One thing that contributes to the cause of acne is an overproduction of oil, also called sebum which blocks the pores of the skin.  There are many possible factors that cause pores to become blocked or clogged, such as hormones, climate and the environment, and genetics.  Personal Hygiene

Poor personal hygiene is not a cause of acne, but poor diet, lack of nutrition, stress and improper skin care can contribute to the causes of acne by clogging pores as well.  Further, dead skin cells can play a role in the causes of acne by clogging pores because they get trapped into the sebum.  One other factor is the gathering of bacteria in the clogged pores, which allows inflammation and infection to occur.

Acne Problems


The most well known factor in the cause of acne is the hormone testosterone which fuels the production of sebum.  At puberty, this hormone increases dramatically in both boys and girls and is a leading reason why acne targets mainly teenagers.  Acne manifests mostly on the face, but also can be found on the back, shoulders, chest and neck.  Interestingly, acne does not just affect teenagers, but infants and adults as well.  It affects males more during the teenage years and females more during adulthood.  Infants who have acne have it because the mother’s estrogen is still present in the baby after birth.  Adult acne, usually affecting women, is due to hormonal changes in the menopausal stages.

Cosmetic Induced Acne

An often overlooked factor in the cause of acne which can face most women is cosmetic-induced acne which is why it is so important to use all-natural cleansers and cosmetics.

Many cosmetics and skin care lines clog pores and actually promote the development of acne.  Making a wise decision about the beauty products you use is a serious personal hygiene matter.  Poor personal hygiene is not a cause of acne as stated earlier, but improper skin care is a definite contributing cause of acne.  It is very important to choose pure natural skin care and cosmetic products to help you eliminate some of the factors that cause acne.


Understanding the factors in the causes of acne can be vital information to help you to strive to have great personal hygiene in order to aid your body in ridding and preventing acne.  You can do this through a better diet, nutritional supplementation, practicing stress reduction and using only pure natural skin care and cosmetic products.  When you combat acne from the inside out, you can truly have radiant skin.


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